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The Secrets of The Conspiracy Are Yours for the Taking: 3 B2B Marketing Resources You Shouldn’t Miss

We are vehemently into marketing here at The Starr Conspiracy. We live it, breathe it, annoy people in social settings by talking about it … We believe in this stuff. It’s serious business.

Over the past few months, we’ve been putting together some content to give a glimpse into the mysterious ways of TSC — we know a few things that are too good not to share.

We want to share three B2B marketing resources you might have missed out on. The secrets of The Conspiracy are yours for the taking.

The Message Manifesto

We had a webinar last week on The Starr Conspiracy’s Message Manifesto. You’ll be hearing a lot about brand, message and promotion from us in the coming months — this stuff is important to us. Due to some technical glitches from the webinar, we are re-recording and we’ll share the recording of the webinar with Bret Starr as soon as it’s available. You’ll hear about it. There will be fanfare. For now, you can view the deck here and read about it here.

A Guide to an Award-Winning LinkedIn Company Page

We know social media. So do the digital interviewing superstars at HireVue. We created an infographic case study and how-to guide for how you can replicate our mutual “win” of HireVue’s inclusion in the Top 12 LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012 — voted by LinkedIn users.

Find out how you can be in the running with an award-worthy LinkedIn page by checking out the full infographic here.

LinkedIn Company Pages

Badass B2B Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is often done sufficiently. But the stakes are too high for that to cut through digital clutter and reach your buyers with the content and the answers they need, when they need it. You can download the full white paper here to find out how you can have your own killer B2B social media content strategy.