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SurveyMonkey becomes Momentive

Big news in the experience management category as SurveyMonkey becomes Momentive. Utilizing their own technologies, the brand surveyed over 22,000 people in seven countries before eventually making the move. While we’re slightly offended they didn’t ask for our opinion, we still recommend reading their recent blog post for a bit more insight into their methodology and findings. 

At the end of the day, their decision to rebrand is pretty simple. While they like to boast over 20 million global users, they’re really beginning to focus in on the 9,000 enterprise logos currently on their roster. Renaming the parent company (SurveyMonkey will remain as the flagship consumer platform) gives them more flexibility in the way they market, build, and price their enterprise solutions.

While the new brand is really nice, their ability to compete with Qualtrics is going to come down to product capabilities and pricing — not how quirky their enterprise product’s name is (or isn’t). 

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