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The Talent Acquisition Brandscape Is Live: 5 Things You Should Know

Today, we’re excited to share the 2017 Talent Acquisition Brandscape Report™ with you. If you want to go straight to the report, here’s where you can find it.

If this is the first brandscape you’ve read, you might have a few questions. I’ll try to answer the most common ones we get:

  1. The report is primarily for talent acquisition vendors. Although our trends and market sizing work is of interest to recruiting leaders and investors, most of what’s in the report is of keen interest to leaders of recruiting vendors, especially those on the sales and marketing side of the business.
  2. We aren’t focusing on product. The brandscape is a snapshot of the market and the vendor landscape. While product capabilities and features shape competitive strength and potential, we aren’t explicitly rating product capabilities.
  3. We are looking at marketing and positioning. When we examine marketing performance, companies in every category under- and over-perform their position, relative to market share and revenue. That’s what we care about.
  4. We’re big believers in B2B marketing. HR and recruiting technology marketers have led the way with innovative approaches to marketing automation and thought leadership. We want to see the industry improve its brand chops and lead the way.
  5. This is based on our own research. There’s no paid placement in our reports and the report is free to be read by anybody. More important, we don’t use client research to inform our work in the brandscapes. We take briefings through the year and obsessively read and talk to people about the market all the time. We’re excited to share it with everyone.

Take a look at the report today. It’s a solid rundown of some of the major issues and trends we see talent acquisition vendors and organizations facing now — and issues they will be facing soon.