Advocacy Marketing to Increase Social Media Advocacy

Paid media is losing ground to owned and earned media in B2B marketing. I don’t mean that B2B companies are spending less on paid media. In fact, they’re spending more — especially in industry and digital contexts.

Leverage B2B Micro-content to Get More Mileage from Thought Leadership

Micro-content is exactly what you think it is. It's not a complicated buzzword or anything that needs dissection. It's digestible, short-form content. Social media platforms may automatically come to mind, but micro-content isn't new. 

5 Keys to Buff Up Your Content Strategy in 2014

Remember when content marketing was the Wild West and just doing it was innovative enough? Just publishing regular white papers and e-books, “being on the Twitters,” and updating your blog once a month meant you were ahead of the pack. Today, the bar is at a whole new high, where your buyer is bombarded with information and entertainment from the majority of your competitors and it takes more to stand out.

Chances are, if you’re out reading blogs, you’ve moved past the haphazard “see what sticks” model and into something fairly strategic.

But if you think your content could stand to see some improvement, check out these 5 keys to buff up your strategy in 2014: