Ceridian Demonstrates What’s Behind Its Brand Performance [ Market Bulletin ]

Last week, I spent a day and a half with Ceridian at its annual “Analyst Day” event in San Francisco. Ceridian understands the value of analyst relationships where most other vendors relegate it to an analyst relations process. Managing analyst relations and having analyst relationships are two different things. Ceridian gets this.

Why You Shouldn't Worry About Your Email Open Rates as Much as You Do

I get it. B2B marketers spend goo-gobs on making sure each email they send has a certain level of design best practices, attention-grabbing copy, user-friendly CTAs, and a subject line that will, hopefully, knock the socks off of each member of that painstakingly cultivated or costly rented list. It's hard out there for you. The struggle is real. 

Leverage B2B Micro-content to Get More Mileage from Thought Leadership

Micro-content is exactly what you think it is. It's not a complicated buzzword or anything that needs dissection. It's digestible, short-form content. Social media platforms may automatically come to mind, but micro-content isn't new.