Why You Shouldn't Worry About Your Email Open Rates as Much as You Do

I get it. B2B marketers spend goo-gobs on making sure each email they send has a certain level of design best practices, attention-grabbing copy, user-friendly CTAs, and a subject line that will, hopefully, knock the socks off of each member of that painstakingly cultivated or costly rented list. It's hard out there for you. The struggle is real. 

Why a Journalism Background is a Huge Plus in B2B Content Marketing

When I moved to Texas almost six years ago, one of the first things my mom and I did together was tour the UNT campus. I really took to UNT’s j-school — The Mayborn School of Journalism. On a 100+ degree summer day, we melted into the seats on the first indoor tour, where I was promptly told by a teaching assistant that journalism was a “terrible choice” for a major. Newspapers weren’t going to be around, there would be no jobs, I would probably end up homeless — she was certain (that last part is hyperbole).

Journalism has certainly changed. But it’s far from dead — it’s morphed, instead, into several fields, really. And a reporter these days can be doing anything from reporting on news a la the original vintage to writing a BuzzFeed article titled, “50 things only cat-hoarders understand.” It’s a strange world.

5 Keys to Buff Up Your Content Strategy in 2014

Remember when content marketing was the Wild West and just doing it was innovative enough? Just publishing regular white papers and e-books, “being on the Twitters,” and updating your blog once a month meant you were ahead of the pack. Today, the bar is at a whole new high, where your buyer is bombarded with information and entertainment from the majority of your competitors and it takes more to stand out.

Chances are, if you’re out reading blogs, you’ve moved past the haphazard “see what sticks” model and into something fairly strategic.

But if you think your content could stand to see some improvement, check out these 5 keys to buff up your strategy in 2014: