Three Must-Read Pieces For HCM Marketers To Start 2015 Off Right

This may be news to you but we're already a week into 2015. Say what? Exactly! That was our reaction when we looked at the calendar, at least.

Still, you have time to catch up and pretend that you didn't waltz into the new year unprepared. Your friends here at The Starr Conspiracy put together three things you can read to get you ready for what you'll face in the coming 52 51 weeks. 

6 B2B Email Marketing Metrics You Should Be Tracking

This week, we have been talking about email marketing. We started it out by telling you your open rates don't matter as much as you might think. Email marketing is a big deal. It's been a big deal in B2B for a long time. But there's a confidence gap between B2B marketers that know they need to be using email marketing and those who are confident that their efforts pay off.