Friday Roundup: The High-five, Creative Impulse, and Marketing Velocity

Big things are happening at The Starr Conspiracy. We are abuzz about InfluenceHR, The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit, and the first InfluenceHR Marketing Awards (sign up to be alerted when entries are open). Here's what The Starr Conspiracy is reading this week — along with some posts you may have missed on the blog:

Marketing at the Speed of Right — Meet The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit

Being good isn't good enough anymore.

Software companies have to be fast, too. The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit increases business velocity for enterprise software companies with technology solutions for marketing, sales, and product development.

4 Reasons You Need Custom Implementation of Your Marketing and Sales Systems

Marketing velocity is the speed or rateat which marketing efforts yield business results. Marketing velocity can be accelerated with the thoughtful implementation of enabling technologies such as marketing automation, CRM, social media platforms, and analytics solutions. However, companies often expect these technologies to be the solution rather than enable the solution. In fact, sales and marketing technology slows marketing velocity or speeds up bad outcomes more often than it serves as an accelerant.

This week, we're diving into marketing velocity and how you can use sales and marketing technology to make the cash register ring.