Five (Key)words to Describe Paid Search

It’s no secret that The Starr Conspiracy is a leader in HCM intelligence. Redefining boundaries and a sense of audacity are required to set yourself apart from the crowd, which TSC has done, time and again.

3 Thoughts: Ceridian and WorkAngel’s Partnership Signals a Smart Move in Employee Engagement

The employee engagement world continued to shake up last week — this time across the pond. London-based WorkAngel and global HCM player Ceridian completed a joint venture agreement to create LifeWorks, a mobile employee engagement platform.

TSC’s Record-high Client Satisfaction Score and Why We’re So Proud

It’s that time of year — when folks start looking back at what they’ve accomplished and start looking forward to what’s possible in 2016. 

At The Starr Conspiracy, we don’t wait until the end of the year to evaluate progress or make course corrections. We implemented a system for gathering client feedback every month — called the Net Promoter Score, or NPS — to monitor successes and challenges in real time.