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7 B2B Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2014

This year, B2B marketers are going to have to do things differently. If you’re wondering where to begin, start with these seven top B2B marketing trends you’ll need to know in 2014: (Or skip ahead and get the e-book here)

  1. Offer great transparency and simplicy in pricing and product offerings: You know buyers expect a consumer-like user experience from their technology. You may not be aware that they also expect a simpler, easier, consumer-like buying process as well.
  2. Selling to SMBs means technology must be turnkey and transactional: Can a buyer do the research on their own, get a trial version, and make a purchase without talking to someone at your company? This trend is the future.
  3. Bet big on behavioral data: By 2016, IDC says that digital marketing investments such as behavioral data will exceed 50% of total program budgets.
  4. Make messaging personal and contextual: The technology is there. Get your messaging ready. And be aware that persona development for all of your stakeholders is all the more imperative.
  5. Treat mobile as the new desktop: Your landing pages and your offers must be actionable on tablets and smartphones. And location-based marketing is coming on fast.
  6. Get rolling with customer advocacy: Whether you do it on your own or use a tool such as Influitive, you must actively transform your online communities into knowledgeable advocates for your brand and your products.
  7. Add brand awareness KPIs to your dashboard: Brand equity is built over time. It requires commitment and consistency. Stay on top of it.



Change is never easy. But times of change are when leaders slip up and secondary brands step up. 2014 will be an opportunity for some companies in HR technology.

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