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Are You Ready for Mobile Recruiting?

I hope it’s clear by now that just because you can view your site on mobile devices doesn’t mean it is mobile.

But if understanding responsive design, mobile design or user experience isn’t on your radar for 2013, you’re not alone.

I didn’t say you were right, but let’s see where you stand.

iMomentous recently published this infographic on mobile recruiting readiness in the Fortune 500. And it’s not like the Fortune 500 has a long-standing tradition of setting the standard for innovation or anything, but it’s a good place to start looking at data around mobile. In the rankings of innovative companies, it’s my own admittedly rudimentary opinion that the Fortune 500 is a good indicator of “the everyman” — they hardly lead the pack in early adoption (too risky), but they’re not often the last laggards to pick it up either (also associated with risk).

What about you and your company? Are you ready for mobile? Are you already there?