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B2B Social Media That Doesn’t Suck


Laurie wrote a blog post awhile back called Three Annoying Things You Do on Twitter.

After that post, we were asked, nay, challenged to find a B2B social media presence that didn’t make you wish you had never heard of Twitter.

We can all agree that B2B social media is often done sufficiently. But rarely is it done with style, panache, cojones, or any real effort or budget.

But it is possible to have a B2B social media presence that is not only bearable, but enjoyable and compelling.

So to show you what we found, we exposed our trade secrets in a white paper where you can learn to:

  • Understand the importance of brand
  • Develop voice and personality
  • Create a killer content strategy
  • Give up the goods for free

Download the white paper here.

For more info, you can read a summary of our favorite B2B companies on social media.