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Best Places To Work In Fort Worth (And A Cover Story To Boot)


I’m a writer, a speaker and a Human Resources consultant. That’s three jobs, which is just about right for me. If I had any free time, I would just sit around and complain about Republicans.

Nobody needs that.

My weird career leaves me little time for quirky and goofy social interactions with my colleagues at The Starr Conspiracy. I work from home and I like it that way. When I’m lonely, I travel. If I want social interaction, I go to Starbucks or rub my cat’s chubby belly.

Life is pretty simple.

Funny enough, The Starr Conspiracy was included on the Best Places to Work list compiled by Fort Worth, Texas magazine. My boss, Bret Starr, appears on the cover.

The Starr Conspiracy has also been a four-time recipient (2008-2011) of Best Places to Work in Dallas-Fort Worth honors from the Dallas Business Journal and a two-time honoree from Texas Monthly (2011-2012).

Among the reasons that The Starr Conspiracy is a great place to work:

  • Outstanding medical coverage: The Starr Conspiracy pays 100 percent of employee and dependent premiums for medical, dental and vision. We also throw in $50,000 of basic life insurance and the chance to purchase supplemental life and accident insurance.
  • Unlimited PTO: The Starr Conspiracy offers unlimited paid time off.
  • Company 401(k) match: The Starr Conspiracy has a dollar-for-dollar match up to 4 percent of individual contributions. Better still, the company’s money goes in each month, not at the end of the quarter or the year. And you are fully vested in your contributions from your first day on the job.
  • A great environment: Forget business casual. How about just casual? It’s a collaborative environment full of people who like each other.
  • Fascinating work: The Starr Conspiracy works with companies in Fort Worth and beyond — including organizations across Europe, the Americas and Asia.
  • An awesome location: The firm is headquartered on Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth’s up-and-coming Near Southside neighborhood, the coolest part of Cowtown.

But we all know it’s all about the people. I work with great men and women who love to socialize and hang out together. They like parties and outings. Drink at the bar together? Yes. Play table tennis? Yes. Have a sit-up contest? Yes.

There are only 25 of us but there are two party-planning committees — the main committee and the secondary committee.

Honestly, I don’t usually trust this kind of work-related fun. As an HR lady, I was taught to keep my distance from other employees. As a blogger who is working on a book called Team Building Is For Suckers, I live my brand. A great work environment is a foreign experience for me.

But the one thing I’ve learned by working at The Starr Conspiracy is that “fun at work” isn’t always forced fun. It can be authentic. Communities can form. People can truly like one another. You can be a best place to work without the schlock and the shenanigans.

Although my colleagues do like shenanigans. They love games and competitions. They like to laugh and high-five one another. Although you will never catch me playing with Nerf guns or organizing an afternoon of pedicures, I appreciate the sense of community. I would rather punch myself in the face than enter a foosball competition, but it is nice to know that my colleagues are smart people who come to work with a sense of purpose and a passion for community.

I still think team building is for suckers, but The Starr Conspiracy is a great place to work. Foosball and all.