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Content Marketing By the Numbers — How Often Are Marketers Creating New Content?

No one ever said content marketing was easy. In fact, regularly creating engaging, shareable, and effective content can be really overwhelming for marketers. After all, how do you stay inspired enough to keep enough ideas on tap? And even if you don’t run into a creativity block, there are only so many hours in each day.

Although the following report has a relatively small sample size specifically from the Oracle Eloqua community (you could argue that marketers that use Eloqua have certain factors — marketing budget, marketing automation needs, etc. — in common), there are some pretty interesting insights about content creation in the responses.

Check out the highlights:

According to the report from Oracle Eloqua featured on MarketingProfs, less than half (42%) of content marketers produce at least one content asset each week. Instead, most content marketers (62%) produce at least one asset every two weeks and 29% were heavily active in creating new assets — with multiple expected new content offers created per week.

content marketing report

In addition, some interesting finds in the report were the types of content that marketers are creating regularly. Whitepapers and e-books were the most popular content types with 76% of marketers claiming to create these types. Webinars were a close second with 74% of marketers, videos came in at 66% (which is surprising given the time, resource and skill investment for creating the average video), and case studies came in at 64%.

The report also had some interesting finds on blogging — with 83% of respondents reporting their organization has a blog, but only 24% of marketers say they publish more than 11 posts in a month.

Read the full report here or the write up from MarketingProfs here.