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Display Advertising Is Dead. Long Live Display Advertising!

HR Blogger NetworkSometimes, the Internet can read like a rabbit hole of tabloids. One of the rumors in the mill is that display advertising is dead. With average click-through rates clocking in at about .1 percent (one click per 1,000 impressions), it’s no wonder advertisers are looking for new ways to move the needle with display advertising.

Digital marketing has moved from an obnoxious model of interruption to an interactive model of engagement thanks to content marketing, influencer outreach, and social media.

Display advertising capabilities have evolved with the times too.

  • Relevancy is the name of the game. With retargeting and rich profiling made possible by cookies, you can target your ads to users based on their previous interactions with your brand online (visitors to your site, people who open your emails), what they interact with online, and by demographic or keyword targeting.

  • Increased interactivity in display ads can increase brand awareness without interrupting the visitor’s online experience. With rich media advertising, gallery displays, and in-ad surveys, advertisers are seeing positive effects on brand lift and engagement through otherwise static display networks.

  • Ad networks have made niche blogs and publications relevant for display advertising again — thanks to easy, often free information and data platforms like Quantcast and Alexa, bloggers or publications that maintain a small to medium readership can show demographic data on their audience to show highly relevant visitors — even if the overall number is humble. Using an ad network like The Deck or The HR Blogger Network, you can advertise on niche blogs with similar audiences with one dashboard or, in the case of The HRBN, one account executive.

We founded The HR Blogger Network with ReTargeter and Laurie Ruettimann because we know display advertising increases brand awareness.

Display advertising is not dead. It’s just grown up.


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