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Driving with Distractions is Stupid

I live off of a windy, woodsy road. There are deer everywhere and it’s impossible to see around a 90 degree curve covered by trees, so visibility is really low.

Last night, on my way home from work, the car in front of me swerved to avoid hitting a deer and, instead, ended up in the ditch upside down.

The girl was a teenager and she crawled out with a single scrape on her knee.

It certainly woke me up (again) to the dangers of driving, but I’m guilty of the occasional (rare) text from my car. I change stations on my Spotify app while I drive.

I got in an accident once when I was 16 because I spilled a Diet Coke can on the floor of my car and I was trying to clean it. And you’d think that would be enough of a warning.

But seeing an accident first-hand, a scary accident at that, certainly reminds you that driving is dangerous. Just driving, with no distractions, is dangerous. Driving with distractions is, clearly, stupid.

Don’t be stupid.