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Embrace Growth: Enabling Greater Opportunities for the Company


Our theme has been all about growth and why to pursue it. This week, we announced that we made the Inc. 5000 list, a collection of the fastest growing private companies in the country. That’s an important milestone for our organization because growing is not only incredibly important to us as employees but also as an entire organization.

There are many organizations that want to stay small or like being small. Some legitimately do love that. There are many reasons why you might want to stay small as an organization, all of which is fine as long as that’s the decision you’ve made.

Others fool themselves into thinking they can carry out the huge, monumental things they want to do while staying very small. There’s a real appeal to that we totally get. Being small is intimate and comfy. You can know everything. And at certain times, it can feel like you’re a world beater.

Our Legacy as an organization is to change B2B marketing forever. Let’s be clear about it, though: if we want to change B2B marketing, we have to continue to grow. Not because we aren’t making an impact now — we are — but because we want to make a bigger impact. We want every company that does B2B marketing to know about us and be transformed by what we’re doing. To do that, it is going to take all the growth we can handle whether that means we bring on new talent or we’re bringing online other resources and capabilities that we can tap.

Being a growing company is something everyone here has aimed for in the past three years. We’ll continue our pursuit of growth because of the impact we can have both for our clients and employees.