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Foodie Fourth of July: Foodgasm Brought to You by Pinterest

I went on a hunt for patriotic animal photos to share for 4th of July. But I couldn’t do that.

You want to know why?

Because people are sick and don’t deserve their animals: Exhibit A / Exhibit B

So my thoughts around 4th of July go something like this: Friends, booze, food, family, food, booze, fireworks, food, booze, food, red, food, blue, food.

Who doesn’t think about food on 4th of July? C’mon.

Because I already know you’re on to the photos, I won’t waste any more time, I present to you a foodie’s fourth of July.







This foodgasm was brought to you by Pinterest, where most of the images are complete with recipes on how to make it happen for yourself.

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Happy 4th of July!

Photos all from Pinterest: Image 1 // Image 2 // Image 3 // Image 4 // Image 5 // Image 6