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How to Lose Your Customers in 3 Easy Steps

You might not be ready for your own customer advocacy program, but take note of these three things that drive your customers away before they become costly mistakes.

angry customer

1. Make things difficult for your customers

The best way to keep customer happy is to make their lives easy. If they have a problem with your product or service, make solving that problem seamless and easy. If they have questions about how to get more out of your product or service, make taking next steps easy.

But if you want to lose your customers, make sure you make them wait longer than they expected to, have more work to do than they expected to, and have longer to go to reach their goals than they expected to.

2. Be difficult to get ahold of

Your time is money. So is your customers. When your clients need to get in touch, they are likely strapped for time and patience and looking for some answers PDQ. Depending on the business you’re in (professional services vs. B2C, etc.), your customers probably have differing expectations on how accessible you will be. Your customers may expect to reach a human within 5 minutes or within the day — be sure you know the communication expectations your customers have so you can be sure you’re not losing customers over unnecessary delays.

3. Never stop selling to them

You don’t appreciate being aggressively sold to — what is it about your customers that you feel makes them enjoy it? There is definitely a balance you can achieve here — you need to sell to hit your goals and your clients, arguably, need your products and services to make their lives better. But if you breach the balance in either direction, the results can be disastrous. Just don’t be pesty. Got it?

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