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Human Resources Should Stay Off Pinterest

Remember when the internet used to be fun? I do. That’s why I joined Pinterest.

But then I read a ton of articles about HR and how it should monitor Pinterest. What? No!

Besides, Pinterest is doing a good enough job creating too many damn rules and privacy exclusions. They don’t need help from a recruiter or HR Generalist.

So I created a board called Human Resources Should Stay the Hell Off Pinterest with the goal of blogging about the risk of being too risk-adverse.


Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

But Pinterest is so crazy popular that I don’t need to blog about it. Everyone is finding the board and leaving comments on other sites like Twitter.


I have no idea why I would want to blog about a site that allows you to pin pictures to tell a story. That strategy sucked. I am a damn fool.

So here’s what I want to say.

  • Stop the insanity. We need another social media policy like HR ladies need another Coach purse.
  • I think Human Resources — and stuffy employment lawyers — should stop seeing every potential new social media site as a risk.

Life is a risk. Then you die. In the meantime, you pin.