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If Joan and Peggy Had a Baby, It Would Be Emily

Did you know that you can Mad Men Yourself online? I guess if you can Elf Yourself, you can “anything” yourself. I love the show, so I took a little digital stroll over to the website to check it out.

The point of this little tidbit of information is that I have somehow found myself working at a marketing agency. I never thought I would fit into an agency. Having been on the corporate side, my previous reference points for marketing agencies included flashy people who wanted us to buy more, scared people who didn’t want us to say no, and a couple of guys who would get up early for calls to a U.K. client with me.

After spending the last two years finishing my MBA, I’m now hanging out with those “couple of guys” at what has become The Starr Conspiracy.

“Will I fit in?” That’s the question that had kept me away from agencies to begin with. Of course, the interview process here at the Conspiracy is pretty focused on the company culture. If they didn’t think I’d fit, they wouldn’t have kept talking to me.

See, I consider myself a classic girl with a creative side. Peggy and Joan could be my moms if biology made that work. I’m ambitious, yet a team player. I want to make sure everything is running smoothly, and I can be calm in a crazy situation. No, I haven’t done some of the majorly extreme things that end up on the show; my life is not made for TV.

I have asked to be moved into more challenging jobs. I have wanted to be a peer on a team of more-experienced men. I have been a woman working in the men’s technology world. I’m the writer Peggy and the reliable Joan.

The Starr Conspiracy is innovative and cutting edge, but they’ve got the classics down. Think customer service and sound business decisions. Even if I’m a little old school, they’ve got room for me here because the classics help the business thrive. So the fit is there. Let’s see what I can do …

Photo from AMC’s Mad Men Yourself page.