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Integrating Video Into Your Marketing Campaigns


Video is far from dead in marketing. In fact, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute. Personal videos have suddenly become platforms for people to review and evaluate products, brands, and even the latest gossip. Companies can even crowdsource video creation, with brands like Doritos getting some of its most compelling Super Bowl commercials from submission agencies like Poptent.

Even with all the ways it’s easier to make videos with today’s technology, that doesn’t make it any easier to integrate video into your campaigns.

Instead, organizations need to stop thinking about the functionality of the video and think about the role it’s playing in the campaign. Then they’ll be on to something.

Consider where your video will fall on a spectrum of interest. Does the candidate have prior interest in your company when they’re going to see the video? Or will it be an introduction? That information will tell you how involved the viewer needs to be, and if you’re going for a deep-dive tutorial (high involvement) or a slapstick commercial that might be NSFW (low involvement).

Also, make sure you’re sharing what your viewer actually cares about. This might mean doing some market research ahead of time. B2B companies make the mistake of using video as a chance to talk about themselves. Instead, showcase your clients, provide expertise, and, as usual, provide engagement.

Finally, don’t let cost deter you from making a video. In some cases, it’ll be the perfect part for your campaign. When you need a rallying cry, there’s nothing like a video that can get the blood pumping. You’ll see later this week how a few tweaks can make a huge difference in your video production.

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