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The Time for Marketing Clarity is Now: Introducing The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit

03-IntelligenceB2B marketing is at a crossroads. We hear it from clients. We hear it from your prospects and customers. Frankly, if you’ve talked to anybody at The Starr Conspiracy over the last few years, you’ve probably heard it from us, too.

Creating killer content, masterful demand generation, and brand-building creative is great, but it’s not so great if it doesn’t have a smart strategy and actual thought leadership behind it. Not surprisingly, we now start almost every client engagement with thorough consulting, strategy, and research, incorporating the Honeycomb at every step.

Of course, The Starr Conspiracy has always relied heavily on its industry knowledge to be a leader in B2B marketing. We don’t believe you should pay for someone to get to know your industry. Now, we’ve decided to formalize it into a group within our agency that we call The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit.

The primary focus of TSCIU is in four key areas in B2B marketing:

  • Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Research
  • Publication

While strategy, consulting, and research has long been a part of what we do (even if most of it came informally), turning all of our knowledge into publication for industry consumption has not.

While you may have seen a few little pieces of what we can do — including industry bulletins on Globoforce’s pending IPO and Glassdoor’s major round of funding — look to 2014 for a more comprehensive look at the state of the industry as well as segment-specific reports. And that’s only just the start.

If you’re a client, we’ve got more up our sleeve that can drive strategy, create brand awareness, and customer demand with industry-leading research and thought leadership. If we aren’t already talking to you about it, let’s chat.

There’s a new era of enterprise technology that can finally unleash the full promise of human potential. If you’re on board, our team is ready to get you there. If we aren’t already a part of your 2014 plans, get in touch with us and let’s change B2B marketing together.