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Slim Goodbody Is Still Bringing It — Why Aren’t You?

Oh, it’s true. Your favorite unitard-wearing PBS star is still out there donning his internal-organ-adorned bodysuit and expounding on the virtues of good hygiene and the perils of skipping breakfast (when he’s not busy fighting mind-control puppets). He’s been doing it since the ‘80s, and he’s never stopped. Few people still look good in spandex after that long. It must be all that exercise.

You thought he faded away when you started junior high and were suddenly too busy reading R.L. Stine books and obsessing over Saved by the Bell to watch PBS. But no. While you were busy listening to Ace of Base and playing Girl Talk Date Line and making out with your acne-riddled boyfriend behind the bleachers instead of going to class (am I projecting? No — I hated Ace of Base), your old friend Slim was still out there doing his thing. He never stopped finding new ways to get himself out there — national tours, school assemblies, educational materials, not one but five PBS series — the man doesn’t stop.

And neither should you.

There’s nothing profound about his message:

  • Brush your teeth and you (probably) won’t get cavities. No, really?
  • Fruits and vegetables are good for you. Get out of town.
  • Exercise keeps you from getting fat. And it’s good for you. Thanks, Captain Obvious.

This is all stuff we know. This is all stuff his audience’s parents nag them about constantly.

But the man’s made a career out of it. Amazing.


By putting himself out there in a unitard emblazoned with guts and singing with puppets about the food pyramid. Most people go their entire lives without even being in the same room as a unitard. Or puppets.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your proverbial spandex and start shaking what you’ve got.

Image: Found via Eric Fleming.