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Social Media Marketing and The Starr Conspiracy

I work for The Starr Conspiracy, which is a global marketing agency based in Fort Worth, Texas. We help HR technology and services companies market their products to HR people.

“HR technology and services companies, Laurie? Isn’t that boring?”

No way.

  • Did you find a job on the Internet?
  • Did you fill out an online application?
  • Did you interview and were you hired?
  • Do you get paid through payroll?
  • Do you have health insurance and dental benefits?
  • Did someone tell you that your performance sucks?
  • Have you filled out a survey at work?
  • Do you clock into work using a time & attendance system?
  • Does your company have a rewards and recognition program? Did you get a $50 gift card for a job well-done?

All that stuff is run on smart and agile software.

Those are my clients.

“Which ones?”

Yes. All of them. None of them. I can’t tell you.

But they are not boring.

My department — social media marketing — helps our clients implement social media solutions as part of their overall marketing strategy.

It’s not the sexiest job in the world, except I’m doing it, so it must be pretty dang sexy.

My team pairs up account executives, interactive and new media experts, writers, developers and designers to create a social media SWAT team that audits, recommends, designs, implements and then measures the results of some of the coolest “social experiences” on the market.

You like the Internet, right? Think about Tom Cruise in Minority Report. How do you manage branding, messaging, media planning, marketing communications, process and infrastructure, market research, product marketing and employer branding in a world where an employee walks though the mall and the Internet knows they are physically present.

It’s coming.

The future of social media marketing is pretty amazing.

And you should call us if you want the truth.

We know you can handle it.