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Technology Changing Marketing Fashion

TechinFashionTechnology is changing the way we deck out our street teams.

Light up your fashion

Lots of people are sporting T-shirts that are wired up like your computer. Equalizers project dance beats, sounds set off LEDs, and you can even rock Tony Stark’s arc reactor if you need a little superhero recharge. You’ve seen Tron fashion and even Carrie Underwood had a tech-integrated dress at the Grammys. Going with a shirt that has its own interactive qualities might help your street team stand out — or it could be an expensive mistake. A light-up shirt on a bright expo floor might not have as much of an impact as it would on a dark dance floor at the company party. Make sure you think about how you’ll outfit your team with these shirts before investing in them.

Advance where you can

Not everyone can rock Google Glasses like Diane von Furstenberg, but you might come up with some other great accessories that have a little tech twist. 3D printing is making it easy for designers to create jewelry and accessories at the push of a button. The price for the printers are still pretty high, but at some point, your logo could be punched out into a series of dog tags or necklaces with more accuracy than what you’d get from a traditional promotional printer.

Get ready for the future

What if you could tag a lead after someone visited your booth by scanning your sleeve? The London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London is working to develop wearable electronics that use QTC sensors. Essentially, whether you wanted to type into a Bluetooth keyboard or monitor your heart rate, QTC fabric would be set to measure all kinds of data points. You, too, could have Batman’s crazy-cool disguise. For street teams, lead generation is key. You could make it less about business cards and bumping contact information, and with a simple handshake log whom you just spoke with. We’re not sure when that will be possible, but it’d change the way your street teams interact at conferences and events.

You don’t have to add technology to everything you do, as long as your choices still reflect your brand. But no matter what you do, have a little fun.

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