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That’s One Way to Become a Starr Conspiracy Agent

If you’re reading this, it means sometime in the last few days I gave birth to the newest member of the TSC family and that we’re both healthy and okay.

I sent you this message from the past, to future you, to introduce you to your new host for the next couple of months: Stephanie Buchanan.

You might recognize her name — but if you don’t, get ready to make room in your memory. Steph is a key part of the team at The Starr Conspiracy — editor HBIC and the final checkpoint for everything that leaves the shop. She is also a killer writer who has a lot to say about marketing, Fort Worth (our HQ city) and more.


So give her a warm welcome — while I am distracting you with these baby memes — here’s what you can expect on the blog for the next couple of months:

  • Continued consistent and interesting content from our TSC hive mind to yours

  • Regular guest posts from smart contributors that Steph has been working with for the past couple of months

  • The same attention to quality content that keeps you reading this blog


We appreciate you sticking around — and, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you subscribe to this blog to keep up with Stephanie’s posts for the next couple of months as well as some great content from an impressive list of guest contributors.

In the meantime, welcome Steph back to the TSC blog!