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The Freaky and Sexed Up Digital Lives of American Moms

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in America and it turns out that your mom is over her obsession with attachment parenting and likes to get a little freaky on her special day.

According to Ashley Madison — a social network for married people who want to cheat on their spouses — mothers make up 69% of the site’s users. And Mother’s Day is the second biggest day for female sign-ups and the biggest for married women to join.

Who knew? (Not your dad, apparently.)

It turns out that your Mom is just like everyone else. She is lonely, tired and sick of your crap. She needs a break. And she’s on Pinterest in her free time (if she has any). Check out this handy infographic about The Digital Lives of American Moms.


I know it’s wrong to blame yourself for your mom’s weird online habits — but maybe if you learned the lessons of Mother’s Day and did your own laundry, she wouldn’t be so weird and hang out on iVillage so often.

You owe mom a big apology for not going to med school, too. This is why she’s looking for her high school ex-boyfriends on Facebook.