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The Starr Conspiracy and Fort Worth, Texas — A Love Affair

The Starr Conspiracy celebrated the 2014 American Advertising Awards last week and were proud to take home 22 awards, including Best of Show Interactive and the association’s first People’s Choice Awards. See the press release below if you want to learn more.

Local events as a team regularly remind us of why we love the city of Fort Worth. As an agency, we are quite active in the local community — volunteering at a nearby elementary school, the county food bank, participating in our neighbor’s events, supporting the arts, and more. Our agents also participate individually in Fort Worth’s vibrant community in many ways — several of our agents are in bands and music projects, several have started local meetups and interest groups, and I’m almost certain all of us (even the transplants) have been to the rodeo a time or two.

To celebrate what we love about Fort Worth, we wanted to round up some local flavor from the blog’s past — this isn’t everything we’ve written about our beloved city, but it’s a start. Take a peek at why we love Fort Worth.

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The 2014 American Advertising Awards — #DoYouHaveItFW

This weekend, The Starr Conspiracy took the newly renamed American Advertising Awards (formerly The ADDYS) by storm. Our team took home both Best of Show in the interactive category for our very own website and the People’s Choice Award (out of almost 500 entries) for our Behind the Scenes video with original music. Read the full post.

Inimitable Fort Worth Agency Continues Upward Trajectory

The Starr Conspiracy finished 2013 with its fourth consecutive year of strong growth. The firm’s revenues rose 22.9 percent and capitalized billings reached $31.35 million for the year ending Dec. 31, said agency partner and COO Dan McCarron. Read the full post.

Building a Home Surrounded by Good Neighbors

When the leaders of The Starr Conspiracy were looking for a place to plant their flag, they knew it had to be someplace special. And it had to have a little character. Read the full post to see why we moved to South Main in Fort Worth.

How to Affect Change: It Takes a Village. And This Guy.

We have some pretty amazing people here at The Starr Conspiracy. Occasionally, we’ll take some time to tell you stories from within our shiny, new walls. This is the story of Lou Chapman and Springdale Elementary School. Read the full post.

Threepeat: The Starr Conspiracy Wins Best Places to Work in Texas

By November of 2012, The Starr Conspiracy had already won three Best Places to Work awards in a row. The number has since grown, but check out what our team had to say about it then. Read the full post.

Mysterious? Us? The Leading Dallas Business Magazine Says So

“In a business that’s all about telling people what they want to hear, The Starr Conspiracy goes against the grain and tells its clients what they need to know — and nothing more,” Jessica Melton writes in her article, “The Mysterious Starr Conspiracy.” Read the full post.

Support the Arts in Fort Worth, Texas

When the Fort Worth city manager presented a 2012-2013 budget that proposed 25 percent funding cuts for the arts, The Starr Conspiracy wasn’t going to take it lying down. See why we support funding for the arts and why we fought to keep the budget where it was once upon a time. Read the full post.

Arts Goggle at The Starr Conspiracy HQ in Fort Worth

The Starr Conspiracy is a regular participant in local Near Southside Fort Worth event ArtsGoggle. Check out the photo reel to see how Fort Worth celebrates the arts. Read the full post.

Another Best Places to Work Award … So What?

So, Fort Worth, Texas magazine put us on its Best Places to Work list. But what does that mean other than Bret got to dress up and act all dorky at a photo shoot? So what? So we have yet another self-aggrandizing claim that we can blast out through social channels to show how awesome we are. Woo. Look at us. Another company that can say “people are our greatest asset.” Who cares? Read the full post.

Best Places to Work in Fort Worth and a Cover Story to Boot

The Starr Conspiracy wears our Best Places to Work awards proudly. The team is proud to be part of an organization that focuses on making our community a better place to live and the office a better place to work. Fort Worth, Texas magazine wrote about our company culture in a cover story in 2012. Read the full post.