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This Week in the World: B2B Marketing Trends, Employee Engagement, and Progressive HR

Marketing Trends E-book7 B2B Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2014

This year, B2B marketers are going to have to do things differently. If you’re wondering where to begin, start with these seven top B2B marketing trends you’ll need to know in 2014. (Or skip ahead and get the e-book here). Read the full post.

The Definitive Employee Engagement Knowledge Test

Check out this interactive quiz from Paul Hebert on the Symbolist blog. Take the quiz now.

Progressive HR: It’s All About Policies That Truly Engage Today’s Workforce

Ron Thomas says we can’t run our organizations with policies of the past and recounts a story of a fake sick call from an employee to open a discussion about PTO and progressive HR policies of the future. Read the full post.

Inimitable Fort Worth Agency Continues Upward Trajectory

The Starr Conspiracy finished 2013 with its fourth consecutive year of strong growth. The firm’s revenues rose 22.9 percent and capitalized billings reached $31.35 million for the year ending Dec. 31, said agency partner and COO Dan McCarron. Read the full post.

Should Your HR System Be Integrated with Your Financial System?

If you watch the HR technology industry long enough, you see the tide ebb and flow from one popular recommendation to another. The latest popular wisdom is to invest in a SaaS model where best-in-breed solutions are combined in such a way that organizations can add all the elements of workforce management that they need. Read the full post by Trish McFarlane on the Brandon Hall Group blog.


13 Important B2B Marketing Statistics for 2014

Looking for some pocket-sized factoids to inform your B2B marketing decisions in 2014? Check out these stats you can use to inform your marketing decisions this year. Read the full post.

This is Not a Test — It’s the Future! Talent Assessment Trends for 2014

To see the future, Dr. Charles Handler says we have to be willing to take a good long look at what is happening in the talent acquisition world within the context of bigger picture trends. The mega trends that are shaping the future of how people do things on a global basis (i.e., empowerment via access to information, exponential growth in connectivity, ability to crunch and interpret staggering amounts of data, using collective intelligence to find truth) are all quietly at work setting the stage for major change in our industry. Read the full post on ERE.