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This Week in the World: Everything You Need to Plan Your 2014 Marketing Budget

media white paperPlanning Your 2014 Media Budget White Paper

It used to be easy to rent some email lists, take down a few webinars, and find yourself rolling in opportunities. As you plan media for 2014, you know things are different, but you may not know what to do differently. Download The Starr Conspiracy white paper “Planning Your 2014 Media Budget: Five Essentials for HR Technology Companies That Want to See Efficiency, ROI, and the Big Picture” to get a new perspective.

2014 marketing budgetYour 2014 Marketing Budget by the Numbers

Looking for answers as you put together your 2014 marketing budget? Read The Starr Conspiracy e-book “Your 2014 Marketing Budget by the Numbers” to get answers and insight.

b2b marketing ebookFour Emerging Media Trends That B2B Marketers Can’t Ignore

Traditional media channels that used to perform for B2B marketers haven’t been delivering like they used to. Take a look at emerging techniques that will keep leads flowing at the lowest cost in the e-book “Four Emerging Media Trends That B2B Marketers Can’t Ignore.” Read the e-book now.

If You’re Not First, You’re Last — 3 Ways SEO Impacts Demand Generation

No matter where you are in your planning phase for your 2014 marketing budget, we want to make sure SEO is on your mind. Read the blog post now.

6 SEO Resources for the B2B Content Marketer

We know you’re in the midst of planning your 2014 marketing budget. To help you prepare, we compiled these six SEO resources that we think you’ll find very helpful. Check out the blog post to see the list of resources curated just for you.