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This Week in the World: Globoforce IPO, The New Tech Unit, and Productivity

The Globoforce IPO: Is There a Cloud Bubble About to Burst?

Is the market’s interest in enterprise software and HR technology waning? Or is there a dangerous misunderstanding of business, billing, and growth models? Download this must-read Industry Bulletin and find out.

Go Beyond Marketing and Advertising with The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit

tsctu-webinarDid you miss the webinar earlier this week introducing the new Tech Unit? We put together three resources for you to easily catch up on what you missed:

Good HR Tech Always Makes for a Happy Employee

As software increasingly becomes the medium where employees engage with HR and operations (especially in companies with telecommuting employees), the user experience of the tools themselves becomes absolutely critical. Read the full post on now.

How You Can Help Your Employees Take a Break and Increase Productivity

Lunch breaks aren’t the enemy. Here’s how you can encourage your team to make the most of their lunch break and see a boost in productivity. Read the full post.

The Last HR Blog Post You’ll Ever Have to Read

Steve Boese has read all of the HR blog posts. Or, at least, it’s close to all. He sums up all of the knowledge he gained from an Internet full of HR tips, debates, and conversations in one easy-to-read list. Read the full post on Fistful of Talent.

3 Tips to Keep Your Email Inbox Under Control and Minimize Distractions at Work

At The Starr Conspiracy, we are big believers in practices that increase productivity — things like allowing our teammates to achieve a flow of uninterrupted and focused work during the day, keeping distractions to a minimum, and collaboration when it counts. Read the full post.

7 Habits of Remarkably Likable HR Managers

Tim Sackett thinks HR pros can be respected and likable at the same time. (Why not?) Check out his list of the 7 habits of likable HR managers to see how you stack up in the “likability factor.” Read the full post by Tim Sackett.

2 Counterintuitive Productivity Hacks that Might Change the Way You Think About Work

Sometimes it can be as simple as setting boundaries for yourself (will the world stop if you don’t check your email after hours?) and changing the way you think about work. Check out these two unique productivity hacks that might change the way you work. Read the full post.