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This Week in the World: Great Copywriters, Brand Journalism, and Social Media Measurement

13108-TSC-uncheck email header-01Learn to be uncomfortable — getting the most from a great marketing agency

There’s a secret to working with a great marketing agency: You need to be prepared to be a little uncomfortable. This week, we released an ebook on how to get the most from a great marketing agency. Check out the blog post here or go straight to SlideShare to see it for yourself.

7 things the great copywriters wish you knew

Stop being so clever. Research with vigor. These are a couple of the things that separate a good copywriter from a great copywriter. Check out the full list in this great post from Sonia Simone on Copyblogger.

Brand journalism isn’t just content marketing

Brand journalism is quite the buzz phrase these days. But what’s the difference between content marketing and brand journalism? Is brand journalism worth your time? Is it truly different? The short answer is that using content to generate demand and build brand deserves your full attention. For the long answer, download The Starr Conspiracy white paper, “Beyond the Buzzword: Brand Journalism and the Future of Content Marketing.”

It’s time for a social media measurement intervention

Social media has been measured for too long with social-specific metrics that have very little accountability within the overall marketing strategy. This call to arms from Nichole Kelly on Social Media Explorer asks social media marketers to hold social media to a higher standard and start measuring it with metrics that matter.

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