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This Week in the World: Growing Your Business

7 Things Respected People Dororschach

Personally, I’m not a fan of the over-promising headline — “three things every good person does” articles seem to be an over-simplification of complex issues nestled in the core of human vulnerability. That being said, I really like the 7 traits Inc. called out in a recent article — 7 Things Respected People Do. Check it out.

#HRTechConf Exclusive: Vegas and VIP Go Together Like Cigars and Whiskey

Every year, Jessica Miller-Merrell at Blogging4Jobs releases the most comprehensive list that exists of all after-hours events at the annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition. Don’t miss out on any updates — sign up to be a VIP today.

CEO Character Study: Nokia’s Steve Vs. Microsoft’s Steve

Earlier this week, an announcement from Microsoft regarding the acquisition of Nokia devices was made. Fast Company released this “CEO Character Study” with a brief history of both CEOs.

21 Unbelievable B2B Content Marketing Statistics

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics,” they say. Every year, every month, and seemingly every day, there are “new, groundbreaking” stats released on the state of social media and the digital universe. Jeffrey Cohen at Social Media B2B releases reliable social media and content marketing stats. Check out the latest release — 21 Unbelievable B2B Content Marketing Statistics.

How Marketers Can Take Data-Driven Content Creation to the Next Level

Robert Rose makes a case for a new role — “Manager of Meaning” — in this Content Marketing Institute article on data-driven content creation and the future of the redefined roles of CMO and CIO.

Inc-50001This week at The Starr Conspiracy:

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