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Tim Sackett Day

We love HR bloggers. There isn’t another group quite like ’em. They know how to drink. They know how to party. They know how to punish you for having a good time while breaking the rules themselves.

tim_sackett copy

Unfortunately, there are people out there who try to segment the market in unhealthy ways. There are Svengali-like gurus and robot-monkey-consultants who pretend to understand the Human Capital Management industry and rank the HR blogging community according to influence and impact.

These jokers don’t know jack. They will often list ‘influential people’ who impact nothing more than the herpes rate of San Diego after ERE Expo. It’s bogus. This is why we are pumped to participate in the first annual Tim Sackett Day.

tim_sackett_gifWho is Tim Sackett? Tim is a regular guy. He puts his pants on one leg at a time. And he influences the HR market more than any single blogger out there. Tim has a real job where he is a Human Resources professional with a sexy EVP title. He is a blogger. He is a guest writer on TLNT. And he is too busy to sit down with you to talk about influence because he’s too busy being influential.

Some people try to define, rank and monetize the HR blogging community. Good luck with that, chumps. Any list of influencers without Tim Sackett is a list that is incomplete and morally bankrupt.

Listen, Tim Sackett won’t win the CHUMPY HR CONSULTANT’S HERO OF THE YEAR AWARD, but he is our hero. We love him. So do a ton of other people. You should, too.


Can’t get enough of Tim Sackett?