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#TSCMSG: Help Customers Know Who You Are

Message ManifestoMessage is critically important to the success of your company’s marketing efforts. If you don’t believe me, download The Message Manifesto.

Why is a message so important? Because in a world where companies rebrand constantly, message helps to make sure people know who you are.

Make your message unique and relevant. Messages fail when they’re not aligned with what the company actually does or how the business sets its strategy. When Starbucks conveys a message of quality, it’s not going to source bottom-of-the-barrel coffee beans. Instead, it helps local farmers in regions all over the world grow beans of the quality customers expect. Even when it lost its way, Starbucks has to align its business processes to reflect its message. You need to do the same.

We really want you to take a closer look at your message.

A company’s message is just the first component of The Starr Conspiracy’s model:

  • Message
  • Brand
  • Promotion

Yes, that means there are more manifestos to come.

Since we’re just getting started, you need to take a deeper dive into understanding what your message should be and how you can focus on developing it. That’s why Bret Starr is doing a one-hour webinar that will reveal The Message Manifesto. You’ll learn why most messages fail and how yours can instead personify your business strategy, define your market position and boldly declare your differentiation.

Join us for our webinar tomorrow:

  • Tuesday, Feb. 5
  • 1 p.m. Central time

Register for The Message Manifesto webinar now. To download the slides, download The Message Manifesto.