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We Want the Ball

bballI joined The Starr Conspiracy because one of the company’s values is, “We want the ball.”

Believe it or not, this is a new concept to me. And I love it.

My entire career has been spent in large Human Resources departments. I have never worked in an entrepreneurial environment where people ask for more. I am used to bloated budgets and crabby old ladies who don’t like heavy lifting.

  • “I’m going to hand this off to you.”
  • “I will defer to your judgment on this one.”
  • “This isn’t really in my wheelhouse.”
  • “I’m too busy stuffing my face with cupcakes to get my hands dirty.”

My experience at The Starr Conspiracy has been surprising and fantastic. People actually want to work. They like challenges. And when it comes to putting in long hours and giving a little extra, they don’t say no.

Just like Avis, my colleagues try harder.

I don’t know much in this world but I know that lazy people aren’t just lazy. They are disengaged, pretentious and arrogant. There is an assumption that some work isn’t worth doing.

Nobody feels that way at my company, which is why I continue to be proud and excited to work at The Starr Conspiracy.

We want the ball.

Over and over again, this has proved to be true.

I’m no Wilt Chamberlain but this seems like a pretty good company value to me.