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What Does Moving Say About You?

My dad was in the Navy. Naturally I became good at being the New Girl in school. Somehow against all my good intentions, I managed to keep moving myself even after graduating from college. I’ve officially made my fourteenth move (if you don’t count being born as a move).

What does that say about me?

No, it’s not that I like to move. Personally, I think it indicates that I enjoy change. At the same time, I love stability. I do see how uprooting my life every few years doesn’t seem to foster stability, but it kind of works for me. That means that I take a risk and make opportunities to have positive influence over what’s going on in my life. And that influence leads to stability.

Moving constantly doesn’t always have to be the solution to taking a promotion or pursuing a graduate degree. Those options just happened to be in different states for me.

Instead, the scope of change can be in your backyard. You can find change in any location, and you can even decide the bigness of the change. The key is that you have to assess how much change is needed to accomplish what you want. Then go get it.

I am new to Fort Worth but I hope to stick around for a long while. I’m really over moving boxes. Then my future of change could be focused on client projects or work responsibilities. Even just getting a dog. The idea here is that I want to play an active role in my life. So should you.

I thought I’d wrap up with a list of all the places I’ve lived (some places twice). You can be amazed or feel incredibly thankful that you haven’t had to pack boxes almost every year of your life.

  • Pensacola, Fla.
  • Lemoore, Calif.
  • Coronado, Calif.
  • Lemoore, Calif.
  • Virginia Beach, Va.
  • Newport, R.I.
  • San Diego, Calif.
  • Sasebo, Japan
  • Virginia Beach, Va.
  • Williamsburg, Va.
  • Arlington, Va.*
  • Minneapolis, Minn.*
  • Blacksburg, Va.*
  • Weldon Spring, Mo.*
  • Fort Worth, Texas*

*all post-college moves

Have you moved frequently in your life? Do you like change and stability, too? What does moving say about you?

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