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What is Employee Engagement?

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Some companies believe that a happy and engaged workforce is a productive and profitable workforce. Gallup believes that all employees need a best friend at work in order to succeed. And some people say — Happy cows give you happy cheese.

Whatever the hell that means.

Some leaders are different, though. They bristle at, what Heather Bussing describes as, the insufferable codependency of their workforce. These leaders long for the days when employees would come to work, do a good job and then go home and achieve self-actualization in other ways: through their families, hobbies or leisure activities.

Here at The Starr Conspiracy, we know how to foster a culture of innovation and inclusion. And our bosses aren’t dicks. That helps, too. We recognize that employee engagement is a spectrum. So here are some resources to learn more about this subject.

School up on this, bro. It’s important!

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