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Why Aren’t You in the Bahamas Yet?

Last week, we told you why you should take your vacation this holiday season. As you can see in this Vacation Time infographic from Rasmussen College, Americans are clearly conflicted about vacation time. We’re like a manipulative girlfriend — we want it (60 percent of us, in fact), but we like to play coy (39 percent have reservations about asking for time off). These reservations usually revolve around money, poor planning and feeling chained to one’s job. The fact that workers are willing to give up company-sponsored events (52 percent), their lunch break (23 percent) or their next promotion (23 percent) for more vacation time shows that we really are aching to get out of our cubicles and on that cruise ship to the Bahamas.

Now, get off the Internet and send your boss that PTO request already.