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TSCIU Brings a Unique Point of View to the HCM Market

At TSCIU, we see our role as being a leader in determining what’s coming in the HCM tech market. Too often, analysts lag behind, reporting on where the industry is, not where it’s going, and not putting any skin in the game on where it should go. As a result, in HCM and enterprise software, we’re lacking perspective on the future. TSCIU will take risks, and we will undoubtedly be proved wrong on some counts. But, we’re not passive observers. We’re intellectually and emotionally engaged in the future of HCM as central in enterprise software. 

We’ve developed a compelling vision of the future based on a deep understanding of market cycles and the rhythms of product innovation. In HCM, we are in a period of innovation and tremendous switching — from on-premise software to the cloud, and likely from one vendor to another.

We’re market analysts. We’re not going to evaluate products or prescribe HR and talent management best practices. We don’t comment on product road maps, code infrastructure, or feature functionality.

We are focused on creating value and unique insights about:

  • Developing markets
  • Making brands efficient
  • Increasing the velocity of marketing

And we’re motivated do to this because we believe this marketplace can unleash a new era of human potential.

So what should you expect from TSCIU?

Our upcoming vendor landscape reports offer a unique perspective in their mutual interest for HR technology and service customers and vendors. In each category, our research will uncover brand measurements, as well as how the brands are meeting the promise of various HR and HR technology trends, and a view into their ability to execute in their current form against their potential or promise to deliver against each trend.

Customers and buyers will get a sense of who is leading the market, who is leading innovation, and who is pushing the envelope against each trend.  Vendors will get a sense of where they stand in the minds of buyers.

Upon release, the reports will be available to download for free at

We will also continue to write industry briefs about current events and trends in the space that impact HCM. For the following reports, we will intimately survey the field, engage with the smartest and most compelling companies both familiar and new, offer guidance on what’s coming next, and be prescriptive about what we believe should happen next. 


  • Q4CY14: The Next Generation of Talent Management and Human Capital Management: This Human Resource Executive®-sponsored research speaks to where the market is going based the most predictive force available — the attitudes and intentions of HR buyers. Over the course of an interactive six-part Lightpaper™ series, gain insight into how buyers rate talent practices spanning performance, learning, talent acquisition, leadership development, health and wellness, and engagement measurement — and offer your own rating in the process.

  • Q4CY14: HCM Vendor Landscape: This brief provides a fresh look at the new competitive landscape for payroll, core HR, and HCM vendors. In this period of tremendous innovation and switching — from on-premise software to the cloud, and likely from one vendor to another — what new vendor entries are best poised to redefine the market and gain traction with a newly empowered buyer?

  • Q1CY15: Talent Acquisition Vendor Landscape: Take a look at the future of talent acquisition vendors in light of new vendor entries to the market, a newly empowered buyer, and other market trends.

  • Q1CY15: Employee Engagement Vendor Landscape: This brief gives a fresh perspective on the traditional definitions of employee engagement, how it’s measured, and how innovations from vendors point toward the unified system of engagement. You’ll also get insight into the market impact for legacy engagement vendors as well as challenges and opportunities for all category vendors.

  • Q2CY15: Learning Vendor Landscape: We’ll take a look at the new competitive landscape for learning vendors (not limited to the LMS) in light of new vendor entries to the market, a newly empowered buyer, the developing science of training and development, and other market trends.

  • Q2CY15: Talent Management Vendor Landscape: This brief examines the future of talent management vendors in light of new vendor entries to the market, a newly empowered buyer, and other market trends.

  • Q3CY15: HR Tech in the SMB: This brief will provide a look at new vendor and product entries into the SMB market. Particular focus will be given to the buyer/user perception of HR technology in this segment and the challenges vendors face in trying to reach customers in this previously underserved market.

  • Q3CY15: Benefits and Wellness Vendor Landscape: This burgeoning segment is shaping up to play a significant role in the future of talent management and HCM. We’ll take a look at new vendor and product entries that are driving the trends with the new HR tech customer.

  • Q4CY15: BPO Vendor Landscape: The BPO market has been in flux as SaaS has become the common denominator for both technology and service vendors serving the HR buyer. We’ll look at new product and service entries from vendors at all stages and in a variety of discrete solution segments. 

If you’ve got an HCM tech product and want to be sure it’s on our radar for our reports, email us at and introduce yourself.

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