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Your Learning Technology Better Offer Buyers a Win-win in 2014

This week, we’re covering our newest research on the learning management buyer. You can download the full report for free here.

In our research with Brandon Hall Group and Human Capital Institute (HCI) we discovered that most learning professionals are no longer stuck in training, but are playing a much larger role in the talent management function today. The realization is setting in that learning is the motor that drives all other talent management processes.

One of the most insightful findings from the research was that learning buyers are looking for technology that serves the needs of the organization and those of the employees. They understand the strategic connection learning has with organizational value and delivering value to the employee. They want their technology provider to do the same. And you can start by focusing on the user.

While 93 percent of buyers surveyed indicated that they’re excited about innovations in learning technology and being able to do more as a learning professional, there is an intense dissatisfaction with the technology as it stands.

Take a look into the mind of the learning buyer in these flash findings from our recent report, “The Enterprise Learning Buyer, 2014: What Technology Vendors Need to Know About a Rapidly Shifting Market.” These are the strongest feelings learning buyers have about vendors and technology:

  • 29 percent said vendors need to focus more on the needs of the end user
  • 31 percent believe too many vendors overpromise and underdeliver
  • 29 percent believe too many vendors are focused on making the sale, not helping them do their job better
  • 30 percent of directors and above desire more customization and configurability from their technology
  • 21 percent of directors and above cite too many features — but not enough of the right ones
  • Ease of use was listed as the most important factor by 67 percent of respondents evaluating new systems
  • Trailing ease of use were reporting and analytics (46 percent), integration (40 percent), raw product features (39 percent), and implementation support (30 percent)

In the right hands, the right learning technology can change everything. The stakes are high. We care about this stuff. That’s why we were surprised to see the average NPS (net promoter score) for learning systems is minus-34 percent.

Learning NPS

With a dismal NPS average and a buyer with ever-changing needs, it’s time to question everything about your product functionality and user experience. Everything is on the table.

Just because something has “always been done” a certain way, doesn’t mean you should continue doing it. There’s a phrase, “If you do what you always did, you get what you always got.” If you want to grow and continue to meet the needs of your buyers, it’s time for change.

Want to learn more about the learning buyer? Check out the report we published recently with Brandon Hall Group and Human Capital Institute (HCI), “The Enterprise Learning Buyer, 2014: What Technology Vendors Need to Know About a Rapidly Shifting Market.”