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Building a Home Surrounded by Good Neighbors

TSC-blog-building front (1)When the leaders of The Starr Conspiracy were looking for a place to plant their flag, they knew it had to be someplace special. And it had to have a little character.

“When we moved to Magnolia Avenue,” said Mark Mitchell, partner, “it was pretty sketchy. But we’ve always been out on the frontier. Hell, Fort Worth was the jumping-off point for the actual frontier.”

Our new office on South Main is another example of literally building our identity into our work environment.

The South Main neighborhood will go through a similar transformation that the Magnolia Avenue area experienced — growing from a historic part of town that just needed a little TLC, to one of the hottest and most sought-after real estate areas in the city.

But being an early mover into an up-and-coming neighborhood isn’t just about finding the right place for our agents. It’s about finding the right neighbors — other individuals and businesses who are also looking to transform the neighborhood.

Local urban redevelopment pioneer Eddie Vanston has already converted the abandoned Sawyer Grocery building and Miller Manufacturing building into a series of retail spaces and apartments. Our new next-door neighbor, Amphibian Stage Productions, has kicked off a great show season, with more events to come.

Neighborhood retail spaces are already filled with several locally run businesses, including Stir Crazy Baked Goods, The Salon Upstairs, Thumbtechs, J.O. Design, and Robert Kelly Architects. On Saturdays, the Southside Urban Market showcases local artisans as part of its food and arts experience.

Coming soon will be the opening of the Supreme Golf Warehouse, which will include loft apartments and a beer garden. The neighborhood is also welcoming organizations like Fort Worth B-cycle and Happy Tomato Fresh Salsa to the warehouse’s office and retail spaces.

“South Main reminds me of Magnolia in just about every way,” said Mark. “There is a lot of pent-up interest, but a lot of opportunity as well. We were able to get more space, design the space how we wanted, and support the community all in one action. It was a no-brainer.”


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