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We Practice What We Preach: Employer Branding in Work Environments

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Understanding a company’s brand has to go beyond just what a prospect or customer might see. It’s just as critical for companies to be diligent in the development and nourishment of their employer brand.

We’ve been giving you sneak peeks at elements from our expansive Honeycomb model, through Bret Starr’s keynote at InfluenceHR and assets like our Message Manifesto.

But as we move into our new building, we want to highlight how important it is to think of your employer brand as it relates to your work environment. Our environment was inspired by our Drive — the irresistible force that compels us to do what we do every day. The following components make up what we stand for, what we’re passionate about, and what’s critical to our success.

Obsession: Be the Best

Accomplishing great things doesn’t just happen. It comes from people who constantly strive to be the best, look for new ways to do things, and thrive on tension that asks, “Could we be better?” We hire the best, keeping our eyes peeled for agents who can make big differences for our clients from day one.

Ethical Boundaries: Do the Right Thing

Being the best could come with a price, but we balance that by doing the right thing. Any quest for greatness, even with the best of intentions, requires boundaries. Developing the right working environment had to not only include the best features and functions, it had to help our employees succeed. We had to be sure to give our employees the resources and environment that they need to do their best work.

Envisioned Legacy: Change B2B Marketing Forever

We’ve set the bar pretty high for what we plan to accomplish. But we can’t do it in a stagnant environment. Having an atmosphere that inspires collaboration, creativity, and productivity is important. We had to consider how closely employees should sit, the types of workspaces and common areas to develop, and where the game room was going to go.

Brand Archetype: Explorer

The personality of our organization has been storied and documented over the years, but at the heart of our mystery lies a single truth: We’re here to explore new avenues. It doesn’t matter what other agencies consider to be the status quo. It doesn’t matter where people think our headquarters should be located. We’re here to do things differently. We’ve built our new building on the outpost of Fort Worth. This neighborhood is about to change, and we took a chance before anyone knew what would happen — find out more about the neighborhood tomorrow.

A workspace doesn’t have to be a cubicle farm. It also doesn’t have to be filled with meaningless gizmos and distractions. It should be built for you and your employees. That’s a true testament to good employer branding.