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Building a Headquarters that Inspires The Starr Conspiracy

TSC-Blog-Building FrontThe Starr Conspiracy has a new headquarters. We’ve just moved into our new office space, and it’s a shining representation of all that we’ve achieved by building a sustainable business that people like working for and clients like working with.

In today’s world of distributed workforces and virtual collaboration, it’s not easy to create an office space that inspires great work. That feels like an extension of the culture.

Any place you rent, you’re just forcing yourself into someone else’s space.

We didn’t want to make due anymore. We wanted to have a place of our own. When you buy or build, you can customize it to your specific desires and needs.

Building the right office environment has become challenging over the years. Since the 1930s, office space per employee has been shrinking. And I mean across the board — geographically, hierarchically, and vertically. Often, that resulted in a cube farm, which might be the most depressing thing imaginable. Sometimes companies try to compensate with cool furniture and paint colors; and while that helps, they’re just treating the symptoms.

So the challenge becomes, how do you create a non-traditional, engaging environment without building something the size of a Wal-Mart?

For us, we had to go back to looking at our people. They’re inventive, collaborative, creative, and competitive. Everyone holds themselves to impossibly high standards, so we needed to give them an environment that didn’t just grow, but intensified that passion.

This new space accomplishes that and more.

This week, you’ll learn some of the secrets behind The Starr Conspiracy’s new headquarters. That you don’t find and retain the best agents without their surroundings in mind. And that excellence doesn’t happen by accident.


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