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This Week In The World: The New TSC

the starr conspiracy

It’s an exciting week for us at The Starr Conspiracy. We launched our new website and brand refresh. We celebrated the gravitas of our last day in the old HQ. Next week, we’ll be telling you all about the new building. But for now, let’s make sure you’re all caught up on the changes of this week.

Meet The New TSC:

Favorite Tweets This Week

We got some awesome feedback for our new site and content — thanks to everyone for the kind words. Check out a few of our favorite tweets from the week:



Level 2 Access

Have you gained level 2 access on our new website? Get one step closer to learning the secrets of The Starr Conspiracy.

We also recently leaked some intel of the confidential variety:

  • Focus on a market share strategy to gain a competitive advantage: Enterprise software is a crowded arena, but your company’s most powerful weapon is brand marketing. [DOWNLOAD]
  • Tweak your business based on the market research: We think it’s pretty important that enterprise software companies use market research when making decisions. How can you knock out the competition if you’re taking shots in the dark? [DOWNLOAD]

While you’re here, check out the latest security footage caught of The Starr Conspiracy:

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