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Creative Details Complete a Personalized Brand

TSC 5-30 Post

Updating a brand includes taking into account all the little details that represent your brand’s personality. Those details are often tied to overall themes and intentions to evoke emotions, build brand recognition, and develop recall.

For The Starr Conspiracy’s latest brand launch, we wanted to push the details to the next level. They had to not only tie to our brand, but they were implemented to help personalize our work and our agents.

Our creative team developed a fresh approach to photography and graphics to represent a brand built on secrets, confidentiality, and conspiracies. We had to create a visual style that said,

“We know something you don’t.”

For example, agent profiles were inspired by the photos now showcasing our executive leadership. The images are set to capture the same look and mood — and that identities are only revealed to those with the highest level of access.

The technical details of the agent profiles are tied to the interface design we use with the rest of the site. Those elements are there to accentuate an agent’s photograph. Headshots don’t have to be standard or bland. Instead, they’re an employer branding opportunity, helping you get your employees just as excited about the rebrand as your marketing team.

We’re putting these practices to work, aligning our visual styles to strengthen our brand identity. And a compelling brand identity will get people asking — “Who are you?”

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