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Left-brain Vs. Right-brain — Does Your Culture Satisfy Both?

In the wake of another Best Companies to Work For win from Texas Monthly, I’ve got culture on the brain.

Remember those ads from Mercedes on left-brain vs. right-brain?


You already knew that. It’s not new. The right brain is creative. The left brain is logical. That’s what they say. I’m not a neurologist or psychologist.

We all use a little bit of both. Most of lean a little bit more to one side than the other. Some lead a “lotta bit” more to one side than the other.

Some people look at companies objectively, based on things like challenging work, opportunity for growth, stability, personality responsibility, benefits, and trust in senior leadership. Others look at companies emotionally, based on things like whether or not they “like” their coworkers, perks, autonomy, flexibility, and all of the sensory things — like a neat office setup, location.

Most of the people I know use a combination of both when they think about work. If you’re looking for work/life balance, you have to.

So while you’re looking for all of those fun perks to offer your team, make sure you have the logical basics down first.

Free coffee (or free beer — whatever you’re into) only goes so far without stability, opportunities for growth or strong benefits.

We’re celebrating the Best Companies to Work For win because the partners at The Starr Conspiracy got the basics right first, then added perks.

Left-brain benefits TSC offers:

  • Benefits You Can Count On: Medical, dental and vision benefits are 100 percent paid by The Starr Conspiracy for employees and dependents.
  • 401(k) Matching: The Starr Conspiracy matches employee 401(k) contributions dollar-for-dollar up to 4 percent with immediate vesting.
  • Transparency: You can know as much as you want to know about the operations of the business and the company’s growth.
  • Stability and Growth: We are growing. And fast. If you want in you better apply now.

Right-brain benefits TSC offers:

  • Flexible Work Environment: Unlimited PTO and flexibility for working remotely stem from trust in the team.
  • Collaborative, Generally Awesome Environment: Events like happy hours or kickball games are never far between here, and we even choose to go out to lunch with one another. Everyone genuinely likes everyone. Is that rare? I feel like that’s rare.
  • Kickass Location: We’re smack dab in the middle of the Historical Southside district of Fort Worth surrounded by the best restaurants, bars and overall “vibe-yness” that comes with it.
  • Seriously: We have a full bar cart, beer pong is part of any competitive event, and we are the primary customer base of the bar next door (The Usual). Yesterday, Bret Starr came in with a couple cases of beer and passed them around the office. And no, we don’t have a problem.
  • The Most Important Thing: We work hard. We have some of the most interesting, game-changing clients in the B2B technology space. The link to “meaning” is an easy one to make. If HR technology doesn’t sound inherently interesting to you (it is), we help make it fun for each other by looking at the HR tech world with fresh eyes and B2B panache.

That’s the last you’ll hear about our perks from me for a while, unless you want to work here. And then you’ll hear about them some more.

What do you think makes a “Best Places to Work” culture?