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Three #HR Marketing Resources You Didn’t Know We Had

This week is all about seeing behind the scenes at The Starr Conspiracy.

We operate in a permanent shroud of mystery here at The Starr Conspiracy. But every once in a while, we peel back the curtain and share some of our trade secrets.

The Final Word on Social Media Marketing

Get answers to your burning questions about social HR in the paper The Final Word on Social Media Marketing:
  • Should I go all in on social media?
  • What is my target audience for social HR?
  • What are my best practices for social media marketing?
  • How can I improve my brand through social media?
  • What kind of messaging works best in social media?
  • What the hell are process and infrastructure?

Understanding the Importance of Brand in B2B Social Media

It’s true that B2B social media is often done sufficiently.

But when you’ve seen what we’ve seen in our quest for the truth, you soon discover exactly what a compelling social media presence needs, even in the mysterious world of B2B marketing.
We want to show you how to:

  • Develop voice and personality
  • Create a killer content strategy
  • Give up the goods for free

Become a Better Blogger: Tips, Ideas and Advice to Build a Successful HR Blog

Whether you’re an established HR blogger or are just learning the ropes, check out this recorded webinar about how to build a killer blog with arresting content from three leading HR bloggers who will talk about brand awareness, building sticky content and engaging the HR buyer through the fascinating world of HR blogging.

Beyond that, if you aren’t up to date on the HR Blogger Network, that’s a whole ecosystem of a resource in and of itself. Whether you’re a blogger or a vendor, there’s something for you there.