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Only Half of the Workforce Feels Inspired

Only Half of the Workforce Feels Inspired-BIG

Only half of the workforce feels inspired per KellyOCG. Only 49% of workers feel their managers do enough to inspire great performance.

One type of leader thinks this is a crime. Another type of leader expects her workers to be intrinsically motivated and inspired. More levelheaded people may see inspiration as a continuum.

The Starr Conspiracy is a ruthless place where we live by a strict Darwinian code that rarely exists outside of prison yards, Somali pirate crews and the faculty lounges of small Northeastern liberal arts colleges; however, we were honored as the No. 2 small company to work for in Texas. We win plenty of those awards — we must be doing something right. We’ve been hiring, too!

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Where does you company fall on the inspiration continuum? Do you feel inspired?